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No One Raised The Issue With Us, Says British High Commissioner On UK Student Visa Row

New Delhi, June 25: Amid the controversy over the exclusion of Indian students in the UK visa norms, it turns out that the Indian side hasn't approached the British High Commission over the issue.
Top Destinations For Indians To Study Aabroad

After a student and her family have spent a fortune on overseas education, most expect the former to get a high-paying job in that country and gain permanent residency, if not citizenship.
For Indian Students, The American Dream Is Becoming A Canadian One

With the US and the UK slowly shutting their doors, Canada has flung its open, and Indian students are rushing in.
Planning Study Abroad? The 10 Best European Countries For International Students

Germany appears at the top of a list, followed by Great Britain and France, of the 30 European countries included in a new study of the most popular destinations chosen by foreign students for college.
Canada To Expedite Student Visa Processing

In order to provide more eligible international students the opportunity to study at a Canadian post-secondary institution and to shorten the visa application processing time, the Government of Canada has made some changes to the student visa program.
28% Increment In Indian Students Who Are Choosing New Zealand For Their Higher Studies: New Zealand Commission

One of the most popular newspapers The Times of India recently reported a 28 per cent increment in the count of Indian students who are choosing New Zealand to study. This Increment ratio is based on statistics released by the High Commission.
Worlds Top 29 Powerful Business Schools In 2018 With Business And Management Degrees.

Now a day a business or management degree can be a catalyst to any individual's success of life.
When you think about a business or management degree the only question hit our brain is which university will be the best to go to achieve the dream career from the world's numerous fortune 100 companies.

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